Live Roulette

If you thought that roulette was one exciting game, well it just got even more exciting with Playtech online casinos, like Casino Las Vegas, offering Live Roulette. Now you get to see the croupier in real life and the roulette wheel actually spinning, and this all on the internet. With Live Roulette you have your own personal croupier through a video feed who sets the wheel in motion and you can even hear the wheel spin which is melody to the ears if you are a diehard roulette fan. Real sounds… real roulette!

The results are not generated by any computer but with a live video feed and you get to witness everything happening right in front of your eyes. It is not just the online casinos that are entertaining you, but the live croupier who caters to your needs no matter what time you feel like playing roulette online.

Your chips can be placed on the virtual table and you can also see the other players who occupy the room. Did you know that as you are making your bets, so are the other players? Now how much more fun can this get with online casino gambling? Live Roulette gives you the best of roulette that is as realistic as it can get on the internet. Other than you playing it live there are no changes when it comes to how the game is played. But, read all the rules of Live Roulette and start with small bets to make sure you have things rolling your way.

What I like the most about Live Roulette is that I can clearly see the wheel and I don’t miss even the slightest bit of action. When I used to play in land based casinos, there have been times when I was not even able to see what was happening clearly because of the number of people around the table. But that is no more the case with online. If you are a roulette fan, there is nothing like Live Roulette and if you have not yet given Roulette a shot Live Roulette is the best way to discover this champion of casino games.

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